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  • This directory of marketing agencies and related services is provided by the marketing agency Precis Marketing Ltd based in the UK and trading under the name of AdStorm.
    The Agency is a marketing and advertising agency carrying out the full range of marketing services and having a particular focus on online marketing and online advertising.
    Precis Marketing also operates the events marketing web site at which provides details of all our events marketing solutions provided to the motorsport, alcohol related entertainment, and public events sectors.

    • Marketing Agency: Visit the web site of Lichfield-based business to business marketing agency Precis Marketing

    • A marketing agency specialising in online advertising and search engine marketing, we are developing a new home page for these services: Pay Per Click Advertising.

    • Advertising Agency : This is our web site about our advertising agency services, including media-buying, online advertising, media buying, banner advertisements and all the related services you'd expect.

  • Precis Marketing is a fast-growing business to business marketing agency run by brothers Andy and Robert Frost, and based in Lichfield in the Midlands of the UK. The directors have over 30 years' experience in the management of marketing and advertising campaigns for blue chip companies.

  • Some details of the web design services provided by AdStorm and Precis Marketing can be seen at the West Midland Web Design site here:
    Web Design in the West Midlands.

  • Download a copy of DEW-NEWPhpLinks

A resource for aspiring coders and the open source realm. PHP PERL MySQL Linux Bash and other stuff like that.  In United States
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  • Lanyards Review - uses a technique of recording all tracks simultaneously on tape, using a device especially manufactured for him which he calls the \\\"Direct box\\\". \\\"He explains his customary method of lanyards approach. As soon as the events idea is there, as many keyboards as possible are connected to the control-desk, which in turn are directly connected to the applicable tracks of the multi-trackmachine.
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